Mfuli Game Lodge to Richards Bay (56.28 km)

Day 15 - Mfuli Game Lodge to Richards Bay

Day 15 - Mfuli Game Lodge to Richards Bay

Day 15 – The weather was kind to us on this, the last day of the trip. It was cool to start, warming fairly quickly when the sun came up, with no wind to speak of.

It was a comfortable ride to Empangeni as most of it was gradually downhill and the road was fairly quiet, but as I approached Empangeni the traffic picked up. I reached Empangeni at about 7.00 on a Monday morning and I guess that motorists are not at their best at this time.

The road from Empangeni to Richards Bay was busier still, and was rather narrow, making riding more than a little nerve wracking. I was nearly run over by a pedestrian who saw a gap in the traffic and decided to dash across the road, but was obviously not on the look-out for a cyclist.

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