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Rob-Jane-2-Namibgrens-24122008-Small1-300x225We, Rob and Jane Wilkinson, lived in Windhoek, Namibia for six years before we retired in 2012.  It was  an ideal base for pursuing our passions for exploring the  more remote areas of Namibia and Botswana and the photography of birds and wildlife. With our 4X4 fully equipped for camping we spend much of our free time in the great outdoors. The adventures will continue from our South African base and we look forward to sharing more of our experiences with you through the medium of this web site.

Our leisure pursuits are wide-ranging and Wilkinson’s World reflects our interest in writing, photography, cycling, hiking, travel, meditation and Bridge.

Here is a list of cameras used to take the photographs on this website and here are some of the places in Southern Africa where the photographs were taken.

The website was created by Mick Bowen, Jane’s son  – see Lookatbowen.com – at the beginning of August 2009. Thanks Mick; your assistance has been invaluable. We, Rob and Jane, are jointly contributing the content and have taken all the photographs that are used on the site.

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. Patrycja Chyla-Malima

    Dear Rob and Jane, I’m a publisher from Namibia, I would like to discuss using one of your images in a Natural Science and Health Education Grade 7 textbook. Please contact me via email: malimap@nph.com na for more details. I look forward to hearing from you. Warm regards, Patrycja.

  2. Tonja Glad

    Hi Rob and Jane, My niece Tori (torinighthawk.com) is a young award winning author and illustrator, she has recently written another book with African animals and would like to use a photo of a Zorilla that you have online. I have looked for an email address where I could send you a little bit of information on Tori and find out what it would take to get licensing to use your photo.

    Could you please contact me at tonjaglad@msn.com or call me at 1-801-633-4394

    I have learned that many photographers are prone to scam emails and such, I assure you this is not a scam, feel free to google Tori Nighthawk and see her first book titled: “Don’t Judge a Bird By its Feathers”

  3. Michal Šulc

    Hi Rob and Jane,

    I’d like to ask you if I may use one of your picture (red bishop nest) into my Ph.D thesis? I am from Czech Republic and study ecology of birds. One of my study is about Red Bishop and its nests. Shall I add this image as one of my cover images, please?

    Please send me your answer on my e-mail address (sulc-michal@seznam.cz)

    Thanks a lot!!!

    All the best,
    Michal Šulc

  4. Lukas de waal

    Good day Rob and Jane – I would appreciate it if you could contact me on my e-mail adress please. Paul Els and I are writing a book on Ovamboland (history since 1850 and the involvement of people who worked there as well as the SA soldiers involved in the bush war).We want to get your permission to use some of your photos on your web in our book, if possible. Thank you

  5. Matt Bartels

    Dear Rob & Jane –
    I’m reaching out from Washington State in the US – Hoping to track down info on a bird sighting from long ago.
    By any chance were you birding Washington State in November 1990? I am the Secretary of the state’s Bird Records Committee, and I’m trying to fill in some gaps in the records for a sighting of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo photographed on 5 Nov 1990. The account in American Birds notes that the Cuckoo was found dead and photographed by “R. and J. Wilkinson” – We have the photo from that time, but don’t have any more information on who R & J Wilkinson might be.

    By any chance was that the two of you? We’d love to update the old archives with more complete information, if we can track down the observers.

    Thanks for any response, and good birding!

    Matt Bartels
    Secretary, Washington Bird Records Committee

    1. Jane

      Dear Matt, Unfortunately that was not us! Would love to have had that experience though. Good luck in tracking them down.

  6. Dario Marchiori

    Dear Sirs/Madams
    My name is Dario, I am a school teacher and a gemmologist.
    I am writing to you because I have used information (text: typically 1-2 paragraph, rarely more than that, or a picture: in most cases one, few sources provided more than one image) from your website to compile a chronology of events, science, formation, market trends, mines, grading/cutting/pricing history, superstitions, famous gems, equipment, facts, production and news, all related to the long presence of diamonds in the human society.
    In the past I worked for a large company in the gemstone sector and, although the experience wasn’t altogether capped with success, it fuelled my desire to create something personal and hopefully new.
    I have a strong passion for researching facts of the past, which equals my interest in minerals and gems; a couple of years ago I decided to put all that into use and began writing a book, my very first one, in the attempt to connect worlds that are normally not in direct communication.
    I have no experience in doing it, however respecting everyone’s work is paramount to me and on top of my list of priorities: since the collected data originates from your or other websites, I am now in the process of contacting everyone to let them know of the above.
    To create the over 850 entries/350 pages (in A4 format) that compose the diamond timeline, I consulted thousands of books and articles; most of the content comes from online pages.
    The information obtained wasn’t anyhow altered, in most cases it was simply compressed, simplified or summarised to provide quick and easy material to read. Such tome is destined to all those who are curious enough to be wishing to sift through the pages that try to describe, not without fault, events and myths of a gem with such a long and mesmerising history.
    Each and every source is listed at the end of the book and linked to its related bit of information (or alternatively just below it) with a number.
    In my endeavour to convey knowledge, I wish to thank you for providing precious research and insights about this fascinating topic.
    My kindest regards and my best wishes for a wonderful 2017.
    Dario Marchiori (my email address is: dariodiamonds@zoho.com)
    PS: I will public my work at the beginning of 2017

    1. Jane

      Dario, whilst we appreciate that you enjoyed our website it is a criminal offense to use photographs and script without first asking our permission. Please note that you are opening yourself up to prosecution of you plagiarise or use any of our images without prior permission.


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