Botswana 2010

This gallery contains random photographs taken on our Botswana 2010 trip.

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Note: This page is also responsive to touch if one is on a Smartphone or tablet. Flick left to go back to the previous photo or right to move to the next photo. Click or press the X to maximize the photo and use cursor keys, mouse or fingers to move forwards or backwards.


Read about our trip to Botswana in 2010.

Botswana 2010 : Rooiputs Part 1

Botswana 2010 : Rooiputs Part 2

Botswana 2010 : Rooiputs Part 3

Botswana 2010 : Nossob to Twee Rivieren

Botswana 2010 : Nossob

Botswana 2010: Union’s End

Botswana 2010 : Polentswa

Botswana 2010 : Matseleng Pan to Kaa Gate

Botswana 2010 : Kang to Matseleng Pan

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