Richards Bay (finish line)

Mfuli (A) to Richard's Bay (B)

Mfuli (A) to Richard's Bay (B)

Final minutes – I kept my eyes peeled for a glimpse of the Indian Ocean as I progressed down this road, but was not to be blessed with even a glimmer of it on the approach to Richards Bay. It was to remain obstinately hidden to the very last. I finished the ride on the beachfront a few minutes after 8.00am when, at last, I made my way over a ridge of sand and was presented with the spectacle of the warm Indian Ocean. What a pleasure!

A hug and a smile and the journey was over.

General statistics:

Total distance – 1833.76km

Total cycling time – 74hr 17min 57sec

Average Speed – 24.68 kph

Longest Day – 7hr 50min 53sec

Shortest Day – 3hr 14min 49sec

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