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Only in Africa

There are some pretty elaborate irrigation schemes out in the world today, but we came across a rather ingenious and typically African one on a visit to a farm in Namibia recently.

Namibians never take rain or water for granted, so when it comes to watering their vegetables without any wastage, they ‘make a plan.’

Check out this system of canals using wine bottles.

Unique canal system

The wine bottles are removed or placed to restrict the flow to a given area.  Not only can the side channels be blocked by a wine bottle, but the centre makes provision for that as well,  allowing the water to go only as far as they want it to.

Unique canal system

And of course the best part of all is that they get to polish off all those bottles of wine.  How’s that for smart!!!

Talking of wine – the whole world knows that the soccer World Cup will be held in South Africa this year.  To commemorate this Nederberg have brought out a special gift pack – Rob was fortunate enough to be given one by a colleague visiting him from South Africa.

Special 2010 edition

And now the big dilemma …. do we drink the wine or save it as a collector’s item?  Decisions, decisions!!!