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Bishops and Monkeys

I always feel so sorry for the birds and animals that are driven away from their habitats by urbanisation.  We take over their areas and then complain when they come into our homes and gardens foraging for food.  Fortunately Durban has some amazing parks and public gardens in many suburbs and the famous Durban Botanical Gardens is a haven for some of these poor displaced creatures.  Rob and I often go to this oasis in the concrete jungle to photograph the birds and enjoy the beautiful trees and flowers.  On a visit this month we were privileged to see Southern red bishops in their striking breeding colours.

Southern red bishop

The Lotus plants growing in the little lake provide a lush backdrop for photographs, as well as a perfect place for the bishops to build their nests.  I could sit here for hours just watching these busy little birds as they go about their business.

Southern red bishop Southern red bishop

If you want to read more about them, click here for Rob’s post which gives details about the birds.

Southern red bishop

It’s not only the Southern red bishops that are the attraction at the Durban Botanical Gardens – we also quite fancy visiting the charity kiosk to indulge in tea and scones or crumpets after watching the birds.  We had an audience as we relaxed with a cuppa – this monkey and her baby were looking for an opportunity to grab a scone if they could.

Mother and baby monkey

Feeding the monkeys is forbidden, but that doesn’t prevent them from trying to look cute enough to win you over enough to break the rules.