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Earth – thoughts by Kahlil Gibran

Some random lines about the Earth from the Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran.

I love the writing of Kahlil Gibran. He had such a beautiful way with words and the things he wrote about long ago are even more pertinent today. There are some good lines here to meditate on. Enjoy …

I have ridden your seas, explored your rivers and followed your brooks.
I heard Eternity speak through your ebb and flow and the ages echoing your songs among your hills.
I listened to Life calling to life in your mountain passes and along your slopes.
You are the mouth and lips of Eternity, the strings and fingers of Time, the mystery and solution of Life.

Stunning seascapes

How generous you are, Earth, and how strong is your yearning for your children lost between that which they have attained and that which they could not obtain.
We clamor and you smile, we flit but you stay.
We blaspheme and you consecrate, we defile and you sanctify.

Beautiful mountains and rivers

We pierce your bosom with swords and spears and you dress our wounds with oil and balsam.
We plant your fields with skulls and bones and from them you rear cypress and willow trees.

We bury skulls and bones in the earth

We empty our wastes in your bosom and you fill our threshing floors with wheat sheaves and our wine presses with grapes.

Rusted waste in the desert

We extract your elements to make cannons and bombs, but out of our elements you create lilies and roses.

How patient you are, Earth, and how merciful!

God's jewels

Are you an atom of dust raised by the feet of God when He journeyed from the east to the west of the Universe?

Or a spark projected from the furnace of Eternity?

Sandy vistas

Are you a jewel placed by the God of Time in the palm of the God of Space?
Who are you, Earth, and what are you?
You are “I”, Earth.