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Three scatter cushions for $8000

It’s been a few weeks since we blogged on Wilkinson’s World and that’s because Rob and I are renovating our home at the moment.  It’s certainly taking up all our spare time, but in spite of all the hard work we’re enjoying restoring our somewhat run-down home to its former glory.  Seeing how one small job can lead to another reminded me of an article I read on a plane trip a few years back about a woman who asked her husband if she could buy three new scatter cushions for their couch.  That rather insignificant purchase apparently ended up costing him about $8000.  In the unlikely event that the author of that rather amusing piece is reading this blog, I hope he forgives me if I get his story out of sequence, but the gist of it is as follows …

Jane patching

Apparently the purchase of the cushions lead to the wife suggesting that they were so nice and bright they made the curtains look dull, so she had to buy more curtains for the lounge.  Once the curtains had been bought and hung the lounge suite looked rather tatty and tired, so that had to be replaced as well.  The new lounge suite made the fitted carpet look dreadful and then the wall paint didn’t work with the new suite, and by the time she had finished redecorating the room to match the scatter cushions, the whole lot added up to about $8000.

Rob hard at work

Well, I haven’t been quite that bad, I must admit, but fresh things definitely show up all the old tired stuff and one does end up having to replace more than was originally bargained for.  Be that as it may, we have had great fun (and suffered many aching muscles and sore backs) from scrubbing down and repainting walls and ceilings.  Thank heavens for an energetic young builder who is doing the really tough work of installing a new shower for us.  That definitely would have been beyond our capabilities.

Rob patching

I’m not going to fall into the same trap as the woman I’ve just written about – no ways.  I’m going to change the sequence of events.  After the painting I’m going to put the new carpets in, buy the new lounge suite and the curtains and I’ll get the scatter cushions last!!  Should save a fortune.

What a difference

We’re hoping to be back to our regular birding blogs within the next week or so – that’s if I don’t find something else that needs sprucing up around the house.