Discovering the Beer Bird

Wilkinson’s World is a website mainly about birds, animals and our various trips.  Forgive me if I stretch this a little today by introducing an amazing bird we discovered this Christmas.  I’m talking here about the Beer Bird.  Ever heard of it?  Well let me enlighten you.  It all started when I bought a metal frame with a beer can holder in its centre.

The metal grid for Beer Bird

The instructions inside the box say that you should first enjoy an ice cold beer.  Not a problem for me at all in our current Namibian heat wave.  Then take another can of beer, drink about a third of it and place it firmly inside the holder on the frame.

Beer can placed on grid

That done, you take one wholesome chicken, rub it inside and out with oil and seasoning of your choice (I chose lemon, herb and garlic). You can get really creative with your spice rubs (e.g. mustard, peri perid, garlic – whatever).

Chicken all oiled and spiced

Then stretch the cavity of the chicken over the beer can.

Chicken placed over beer can

If you have a Weber Kettle barbeque, or a barbeque with a lid, you place the chicken in the centre and cover the barbeque.  Your regular kitchen oven is also fine if it’s big benough.  (If using an oven, you need a drip tray under the grid, in which you place your potatoes or vegetables for roasting.)  The chicken gets cooked for about 90-120 minutes over medium-high, indirect heat (no coals or burners directly under the chicken), or at 180C in an oven.

While it’s cooking and giving off the most delicious aroma imagineable, you can enjoy knocking back a couple of frosties.  When done, you remove the chicken carefully from the beer can in the barbeque or oven (don’t burn yourself) and let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes.  Your reward for all this effort?  The most tender, succulent and tasty chicken you’ve ever eaten.  It is absolutely delicious, as the moisture from the beer has risen and permeated the meat.  My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

All done and looking delicious

Don’t take my word for it, give it a try.  The South African manufacturers can be contacted at  I’m not being paid to advertise for them by the way (I wish I was!)   I just think this is such a super idea.